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Amazon is the topmost e-commerce platform, attracting millions of people with its extensive product listing. It has become a household name and a majority of people, when searching for a product online, start with Amazon. It is not only the buyers but even the sellers who look at it as a market where they can explore the true potential of their products. However, it is imperative to get past the Amazon jungle and come in the eyes of buyers and for this, businesses need the support and guidance of professionals who can optimize the world’s largest marketplace for their advantage.


Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon is the biggest challenge for anyone who wants to start a business on Amazon. We at Samy eCommerce use various methods to find the most suitable and highly demanded, trending products to sell on Amazon.


Though Amazon EBC and A+ content will not affect your product SEO however 30% of customers interested to buy products with attractive graphics.


Our team has immense experience in managing both sellers and vendors accounts for daily account health management including various below services. We worked on different models, please contact us for more details.


Creating your own Amazon URL would more excite to all Brand owners as Amazon store comes with features of various pages design using predefined modules and creating attractive Hero banner images. We at Samy eCommerce, believe in not only making Amazon store effective but also SEO friendly by adding meta title, images alt, etc. + Amazon Store PPC.


Guessing how the products are searching on Amazon is now out of fashion. See, which product is ranking high through which keywords and Running an effective amazon campaign is the only way to Track your amazon PPC results. Drive more traffic and sales!

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Amazon over other ecommerce platforms?

It can be said without a doubt that Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, attracting millions of buyers across the globe. When people think of buying a product, their first preference is Amazon, knowing that they will get a good range of choices as they have almost everything on one website. When, as a seller, you will choose to sell your products on Amazon, you are opening your business to millions of customers who are ready to buy. The biggest search engine, Amazon will direct people towards the products you are selling on the platform using the right Meta tags. Once here, your business will enjoy much more visibility along with profitability.

Will it take long to register my business on Amazon?

A commonly asked question, sellers are often worried that registration of sellers’ account will take a lot of time, so they don’t register in the first place; however, the truth is, the registration process takes less than an hour to complete. Make sure you have all the information in hand when registering yourself as a seller to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

How can I handle my Amazon Seller Account?

Every bit of your Amazon Seller Account can be effectively managed by simply visiting the Seller Central website. Every detail related to your account such as sales activity will be updated there and this is where you can add product listing, manage inventory and orders. If the entire process seems overwhelming, you can always hire professionals for this work.

How will I know whether I have sold something on Amazon or not?

Once the buyers order the item that you are selling, you will receive an email or text message from the site, giving you information about the purchase. In case you need to change the account notification setting, it can be easily done at any time by accessing your seller’s account.

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon Buy Box appears on the right side of the product details page, allowing shoppers to either “Add to Cart” or click on “Buy Now” option. The seller represented in the buy box gets added to the buyer’s shopping cart and this happens when more than one seller is selling the same product on the Amazon marketplace. However, your products will qualify for Buy Box when their performance will be good. There are no assurances of whether you will get the Buy Box or not because it is solely performance-driven.

What if I sell banned products on Amazon?

There are certain products that are banned from being sold on Amazon and this is why as a seller you must have full knowledge of the products that you can sell before you go ahead and starts your seller’s account, as selling prohibited products will result in the suspension of your account. In order to become an active and profitable seller on Amazon and enjoy trouble-free sales experience, it is best to stay out of all prohibited things.

How can I rank higher on Amazon?

This is something that every seller wishes to achieve and your Amazon product listing should have high quality images, Amazon enhanced brand content and optimized using right titles in order to stay ahead of the game and appear on the first page of the product results page.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization works very similar to SEO as in the former, the product pages are upgraded so that their searchability and visibility improves on the world’s largest marketplace. These two factors further help in increasing click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR) and finally generating more sales. Right keywords must be discovered that are associated with your products, listing text must be optimized, image should be of high resolution and there should be an increase in the reviews.

How Auto PPC Campaign will benefit me?

When Auto Campaigns are launched, Amazon works in an automatic manner, using the most relevant keywords and pushing the campaign even further. It is highly suggested for beginners who have less knowledge of the PPC campaigns and also for those who don’t want to do it all by themselves. However, there is a downside to this campaign and that is you cannot use the targeted keywords specifically and don’t have control over the budget spends.

How Manual PPC Campaign benefits the seller?

This particular campaign is best suitable for experience PPC users as they can conveniently select the keywords of their choice and run the ads accordingly while maintaining full control over the budget spends. You can allocate the funds the right manner and with your full knowledge.

Are Amazon ads worth it?

If you are a seller on Amazon and haven’t advertised your products yet, then this is definitely the right time to consider using Amazon Sponsored Products ads. There will be a reasonable cost per click to be paid and you will get a chance to promote your new products, making it come in the eyes of the genuine buyers.

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