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Amazon PPC Consulting Services in Chandigarh

Building a New Campaign Strategy

A lot of times businesses have an Amazon PPC campaign that fails to generate profitable returns as expected. If you are sailing in the same boat and don’t want your money to go to waste, then you must hire experts who can advise and help you with the creation of a new campaign strategy that actually works for your business. Once such a campaign gets implemented, you will see the difference it is making yourself.

Keyword Research

Just like search engines, customers look for products on Amazon using keywords to easily find the products that they want. So, as a seller, it is vital that you optimize the keywords that are connected or associated with your products, so that the buyer comes directly to you. After doing in-depth research, the professionals will discover the most searched keywords and right phrases, using to your advantage.

Compelling Ad Copy

Every PPC campaign must have high quality content along with the usage of right keywords so that it can easily reach the focused and target audience, resulting in maximum clicks. Crafting such an ad copy is not an easy job as it requires a proper understanding of how online market works and this is where professionals make a huge impact, measurable impact.

Landing Page Optimisation

Your Amazon product listing must have high quality and relevant landing pages to make a good impression on the potential buyers and reduce bounce-back rate. It is also essential because the customers will assess the quality of your products based on the quality of the landing page, so it must be optimized professionally by the experts to avoid any mistakes.

How Amazon PPC Consulting Works?

Enhancing Product Listing

It is vital for every business to know and understand that no matter how much money you spend on the ads, buyers might get attracted but they will never buy a product that looks unappealing or the listing is somewhat shady. Samy eCommerce goes through your listing properly and then find out the ones that need improvement to make the ads work more effectively.

Auditing Your Ad Campaigns

We don’t start working just like that but audit your existing as well as previous ad campaigns to see how they have performed. Algorithms and hard data are deeply analyzed to find how the campaign could have worked better, helping you generate more sales and maximize your ROI, along with improving important areas of the ad campaign.

Crafting A New Plan Of Action

After your ad campaign is thoroughly analysed, our team of experts who excel in this field will create a more concrete action plan, clearly defining the objectives and targets that the campaign must achieve every month. The entire plan of action will be shared with you so that you are clear about the areas where your money is being spent.

Launching The Ad Campaign

Once the ad campaign is approved by you, Samy eCommerce will take care of the rest, while you focus on other aspects of the business. You don’t have to move a muscle because all the work will be done by our team to take your ad to higher performance levels that weren’t seen before. Every aspect of the ad campaign will be properly looked after so that it generates more ROI for your business.

Observing & Optimizing

Once the campaign is running with the necessary changes and adaptations, it is constantly monitored by our team to keep a tab on its performance. The data is collected from the ad campaign on regular basis; further refinements are done to optimize your Amazon PPC ads, improving its efficiency and conversions. The data is also shared with you so that even you are well informed on how your ad is performing and how much you can benefit from it.

What is Amazon PPC Consulting?

As a business, you must be well aware of the fact that every digital marketing campaign have the same goal and that is to improve your visibility across a large customer base, reaching the intended audience that can further boost your sales and profitability of your business. If you are selling your products on world’s largest e-commerce platform – Amazon, then you must know that having a listing will not help you reach your intended goals. You will also have to advertise on this platform to attract more prospective buyers towards your brand and products.  

Amazon is a giant marketplace with around 80 percent of sellers selling their products on this platform and this is the place where consumers start their search from when planning to buy something online. It really doesn’t matter much whether you are a new business or an established one, if you are selling your products on Amazon marketplace then you will have to dedicate some resources to reach to a solid customer base as it is only then you will be able to showcase your products and improving sales with high profitability. 

To get past the cut-throat competition you will need to advertise and having a proficient PPC consultant by your side will be an added advantage. An expert can help you devise a bespoke advertising strategy that is second to none and works in great capacity for your business. It will allow your products to get easily and effectively discovered by the potential buyers, maximizing your sales.

Sponsored ads are definitely the cornerstone of success as when any business step into this territory, they enjoy an upper hand for related search queries, helping you to get past the competition. When you make use of smart PPC strategy, you get paid almost immediately, which is always a welcoming sight.  

Amazon PPC ads guide the traffic to your website and not only increase your sales but also helps in establishing a strong and distinguished brand identity, which pays greatly in the long run. When a full team of seasoned marketing professionals work on your PPC campaign, you can be very well assured that it will only lead you to the path of maximized profits.

Amazon PPC Consulting 

Key Benefits of our Amazon PPC Consulting 

Every seller aims at taking its products on the top of Amazon listing and PPC is that tool that can help the seller achieve this dream. By hiring PPC consultant, you can get going with the sponsored ads and make your products more visible on the Amazon home page, which might appear way below when compared to your competitors’ products and even on other pages which most buyers don’t visit.  

A lot of time the visitors have to explore this e-commerce platform to find the product that they are looking for; however, PPC ads can save their significant amount of time as the ad will keep appearing alongside their targeted search, giving them more and better options to choose from. The potential can click on the ad at any time and get directed to the product right away.  

Amazon PPC ads are great in another way and that is that as a seller, you only pay for the clicks and not the impression that your sponsored ad is creating. There is no amount that has to be paid for sponsored products’ advertising. It is when the seller reaches a certain credit ladder; Amazon automatically deducts the amount that proceeds. Hence, you enjoy a hassle-free transaction, which is a great convenience for busy sellers.  

The products that you are advertising through Amazon PPC or sponsored posts, all get global visibility, taking you to more places and helping you become a brand name. To understand in simpler terms, a single PPC campaign has the ability to get over a million views within a few seconds. Out of these many views, even a few clicks on the ad to actually buy the product, even then you can make a significant sale and increase your profits.

Work with Amazon PPC Consulting Experts 

Samy eCommerce with its years of experience in digital marketing can become your perfect partner in creating the most amazing and profitable PPC campaigns. We are backed by in-depth knowledge of the market and our information is data-driven that further assist in crafting ad campaigns that can actually make an impact and give you measurable results.

Product Display Ads 

Samy eCommerce assist you with Product Display Ads, providing an opportunity for interest targeting, meaning that you can take your products to people who are genuinely interested in buying them. We target specific categories to place the product. Our professional team will not only create but will also manage all your Product Display Ads each time, helping you reach your targeted audience and customers when they search for related products.

Sponsored Product Ads  

This type of ads is keyword targeted or product targeted, used to take your products on top of Amazon search results and on product listings. Our seasoned experts leverage the manual or automatic targeting that maximizes your product visibility and click through rate. Samy eCommerce will create highly engaging as well as ads that are result driven, enhancing your products’ discoverability.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads 

Another option offered by Amazon is Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads that gives the seller an opportunity to promote up to three products with single advertisement. When your three products will get advertised at the same time with a great headline and brand logo, buyers will get more attracted, giving you the much needed brand recognition. However, it is vital to do it right to drive maximum output and that can happen only when the professionals at Samy eCommerce are by your side.